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With nearly 30 years in business I'm always looking for ways to be helpful.How can I help you with:Getting clarity on, and telling, your story. That can be for you personally, your product or service, your business overall, or some combination.Understanding how people process information and make decisions. What makes people tick; how people are likely to react to something; what you can do to steer a message or situation to either capitalize on or short-circuit those reactions.Solving interpersonal challenges.
Maybe you're having difficulty working with someone or you're responsible for others who have difficulties between them. I can help with that.
I also have a great deal of experience with the small business ownership, general business operations, leading teams, sales, and content marketing.Every engagement is different, so please reach out and let's chat.


Most websites have an "About Me" section, but a friend kinda blew my mind with his idea of an "About You" section instead.After all, no one cares about me; they care about themselves (as they should). All I'm good for is what I can do for them, so why not make it all about them (uh, you)?So, let's talk about you. Since you're here I assume you have some interest in storytelling. If not, then I'm really curious why you're here?!You have something to sell and are working to grow and scale your business.Your competition is likely nipping at your heels and sometimes you feel like you're yelling in the forest with no one to hear it.If that's you, then it's smart to be interested in storytelling.Stories are how you show you understand and care about your customers.You know their real problems, the toll those problems take on them and their business, and what, if they could wave a magic wand, they'd make happen in a perfect world.Stories are how you separate yourself from the competition.Stories are how you ensure you're heard.Stories are how you grow and scale by making people feel something compelling.There's a process to crafting and telling compelling stories. That's where I come in. (Not that I want to commandeer your About You section!)If you're looking to scale and grow, differentiate from the competition, and be sure your stories stick, give me a shout and let's see what we can do together.Not quite ready for that? Give my free newsletter a try. Here's what a fellow reader has to say about it: "Your emails are great, insightful, helpful, funny, provocative, memorable. Nearly all the storytelling content out there focuses on output and deliverables—yours is about crafting, thinking, and connecting." Aw, shucks : )


Compelling stories are based on insights, crafted to accomplish a goal, and spun from a sound narrative.As a framework, I created Behavioral Storytelling, which looks like this:

Let's break it down.

Insight-driven communication...

...based on how people process informationand make decisions... satisfy their motivations

We don't just make up what sounds good. Insights derived from research illuminate what's compelling to your audience.

Through the rigors of behavioral science, we can predict how people will process your information based on how it's crafted.

Your audience's desired outcome (their win) is the driving factor in their decision-making.

Want a deeper dive every week? Join my free newsletter. Here's what a fellow reader has to say about it:
"Your emails are great, insightful, helpful, funny, provocative, and memorable. Nearly all the storytelling content out there focuses on output and deliverables—yours is about crafting, thinking, and connecting." Aw, shucks : )


Sometimes my free content isn't enough and a full engagement is too much.I totally get it and that's where a 60-minute consulting call comes in.For one hour, everything I know is yours.Things we can discuss:- How will storytelling help you?
- What stories should you be telling?
- How to gather insights for stories.
- How to craft narratives from insights.
- How to turn narratives into compelling stories.
Or, pick my brain about starting and building a small business, developing products and services, leading and coaching a team, or whatever is on your mind. I've got 30 years in this game and would love to help.Here's what others have to say...

"I've met few people in my life as passionate about storytelling as David. He not only brings this passion to his business; he helps others, myself included, tell better stories with their lives. I highly recommend him for anyone looking to tell a better story with their product, service, leadership, or life."

"David is a natural-born listener; the kind you can't teach, you can just tell he cares about everything you tell him. His calm, intuitive demeanor always sets you at ease. Like a friend you've known for years but just met. David doesn't give advice, as much as he reflects what is already there, he just affirms and naturally makes clear simple answers to complex questions."

"David created an empathetic space where I felt comfortable candidly sharing my thoughts, concerns, and ideas. With his experience and practical way of seeing the world, he offered me perspectives that I hadn't thought about and encouraged me to take action with an uncomplicated approach to decision-making. I am forever grateful for David's guidance, honesty, and mentorship."

The price is $497 and 100% guaranteed. If you don't feel you got your money's worth after the call I'll refund every penny.Ready to book your hour or have a question? Let's go.

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